Looking to fly in to visit? Please fill in the below form or give us a call on 07920067285.

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Please book PPR using the below form or give us a call on 07920067285. If for any reason you need to cancel your PPR booking it is important you inform us ASAP.

Make initial radio contact around 10 Minutes away - Beccles Radio 120.38 We recommend joining downwind. If there is parachute activity you will be advised of an expected drop time. Upon arrival, a parking location will be suggested - please be aware the grass apron can be unavailable for heavier aircraft during prolonged wet weather periods. The grass extension of the runway may also be taken out of use at this time subject to inspection. 

Non radio aircraft not accepted without special arrangements for safety reasons.

Parachuting - "The Five Minute Rule"

If there is less than 5 minutes to drop, you should remain clear of the parachute drop zone until the radio broadcasts "All Canopies down" unless you can safely land and shut down in the time available. (This includes rotor stop time for Helicopters) The same rule applies for departures. Aircraft may start their engines whilst remaining on stand and keeping a good lookout but helicopters or Gyrocopters must not have rotors running.



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All Landing fees include a free Tea or Coffee in our Cafe!


Microlight / Paramotor / Gyro


Fixed Wing